Sulphur Sources and Uses - Past, Present and Future

CIM Bulletin, 1972

M. E. D. RA YMONT, Fundamental Sulphur Research Group, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd., Chemistry Department, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

During the history of the sulphur industry there have been three distinct phases of production. Factors controlling supplies during these periods have shifted from demand for sulphur to demand for energy and a cleaner environment. The pattern of brimstone production is t raced through these phases and includes estimates of future supply; these indicate an involuntary excess production of some 20 million plus tons per year by 1980 unless some large-scale new uses are found. Traditional uses for sulphur, including fertilizer, chemicals, fibers, etc., are generally expanding slowly; however, supply in "by-product" form alone will soon outstrip demand. The predicted oversupply situation can be corrected by the development of novel potential markets. Promising areas include construction materials, insulation and plastics, among others.
Keywords: Alberta, Alberta, brimstone, Elemental Sulphur, hydrogen sulphide, sour gas, Demand, energy, Markets, Production, Research, sulphur, Sulphur dioxide, Sulphur dioxides