Sulphur-Bearing Rocks Characterized by Well Logs - A Review

CIM Bulletin, 1970

Dr. W. H. FERTL, Production Research Department, Continental Oil Company, Ponca City, Oklahoma Dr. S. J. PIRSON, Professor, Department of Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Well techniques, as used success fully in oil and exploration, can also be used to give a detailed evaluation of drill holes through industrial mineral deposits such a~ sulphur. This paper describes the logging tools used gives the theory behind the well-log interpretation and ~1scusses the application of the method in sulphur-bearing limestone and m more complex sulphur deposits.
Keywords: Caliper Logging Devices, limestone, porosity, resistivity, sulphur, Density, formation, limestone, Logging, Logs, Porosity, Resistivity, Rock, Rocks, sulphur