Subsurface Disposal of Liquid Industrial Wastes

CIM Bulletin, 1973

J. A. VONHOF and R. 0. van EVERDIN.GEN, Hydrology Research Division, Inland Waters Directorate, Calgary, Alberta

Since 1949, a total of 59 disposal wells have been installed in Canada to inject liquid wastes from refineries, mining operations and chemical plants into subsurface formations at an ever-increasing rate. Well depths range from around 600 feet to almost 5,500 feet; injection rates range from 0.5 (U.S.) gpm to more than 1,000 gpm for individual wells; wellhead injection pressures range from a slight vacuum to over 500 psi. Apart from strictly technical considerations of well design, the geological, hydrodynamic and hydrochemical conditions at the disposal site have a strong bearing on the safety and success of such operations. Prevailing hydrogeological conditions in large portions of the country do not allow safe subsurface disposal.
Keywords: Alberta, Alberta, Canada., industrial waste, Saskatchewan., waste disposal, brine, Canada, formation, industrial, Operation, Saskatchewan, Waste, Wastes, Wells