Sublevel Caving and Draw Control Procedures at Granduc

CIM Bulletin, 1973

R. S. MA TISON, Resident Manager, J. A. COX, Assistant Chief Engineer, Granduc Operating Company, Stewart, B.C.

One of the main problems encountered in employing sublevel caving is the inherent high dilution factor. The operating results at Granduc illustrate that this dilution can be closely controlled and satisfactory recoveries achieved, in base metal ores grading less than 2.0% copper equivalent, by using an assay grade control system based on the fundamental draw characteristics. The history of draw control procedures employed since the start of operations provides an effective comparison between this system and one based mainly on tonnage. The transverse and longitudinal sublevel caving mining methods are described and it is shown how improvements in design layout, operating practice and draw control in narrow complex ore zones (12-foot minimum width) have raised the operating performance of the longitudinal system to a satisfactory level.
Keywords: Control, Controls, copper extraction, LEVEL Ore Deposits and Structures, Mufulira Copper Mines Ltd., Sewell, Chile, Sublevel Caving Mining Design Principles., Grade, Ore, Ores, Production, Sublevel caving, Systems