Study of Mechanical and Magnetic Characteristics of Ferromagnetic Materials by Ultrasonic Technique

CIM Bulletin, 1960

Mechanical and magnetic characteristics of ferromagnetic materials were investigated by a pulsed ultrasonic technique. Two instruments, the Ultrasonic Attenuation Comparator (Sperry) and the standard type Reflectoscope (Sperry) were used for measurements of the attenuation of the ultrasonic pulse. The effects of elastic tensile and compressive stresses on the attenuation of annealed and cold worked material are described. In addition, the effects of plastic deformation, relaxation and aging processes and different ultrasonic test frequencies are reported. The results for Armco iron, SAE 1020 steel, SAE 4340 steel and AISI 420 stainless steel are shown.
Keywords: Attenuation, deformation, Deformations, Ferromagnetic, ferromagnetic, magnetic domain, plastic deformation, residual stress, ultrasonic, Frequency, Materials, Plastics, steel, stress