Studies on Contact Angles at Uraninite Surfaces

CIM Bulletin, 1964

T. R. Madhavan and K. K. Majumdar Officers in the Ore Dressing Section, Atomic Energy Establishment, Tromboy, Bomboy-71, (lndia)

The development of contact angles on highly polished 11raninite surfaces, using sodium oleate and dodecyl ammonium acetate as collectors, has been studied at different collector and hydrogen ion concentrations. It was found that sodium oleate in acidic media (up to a neutral pH) and dodecyl ammonium acetate in neutral and alkaline media give good contact angles. It appears that the combined forms of these collectors, viz., oleic acid and free amine, are more important in effecting contact
Keywords: amine, amine, ammonium acetate, oleate, pH, Uraninite, Atomic energy, Development, Developments, mineral, minerals, Oleic acid, pH, Uraninite