Structure and Mineralization of Campbell Chibougamau Mines, Cedar Bay Division

CIM Bulletin, 1964

J. D. Koene Geologist, Campbell Chibougamou Mines Ltd., Chibougamou, Que.

The Cedar Bay mine is located in the anorthosite batholith of the Chibougamau mining belt. Like most of the mines in the area, it is a copper-gold producer. Based on structural features, the mine can be divided into three different parts. Copper-gold ratios vary from one part to another. The deposited bodies are thought to be the result of replacement and cavity filling along faults. Several cycles of mineral deposition seem to have taken place. The veins are limited, in most instances, by structural features such as faults and shear zones, but the mineralization does not necessarily antedate the period of tee-tonic unrest.
Keywords: Anorthosite, anorthosite, Chibougamau Region, Dore Lake shear, feldspar, South dyke, Dykes, Fault, Faults, Mine, Mines, Ore, Veins