Strength and Grade Relationships For a Copper-Zinc Sulphide Ore

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 784, 1977

J. E. Udd, Associate Professor, and M. Caron, D. Gaspe, R. Huffman and A. Toueg, Former Students, Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

A core sample for this study was taken from the sulfide ore of the Geco Mine. The subsequent research was based on the assumption that a part of the scattering of strength-grade data could be correlated with variations in the chemical and/or mineralogical compositions of the samples. The results demonstrate clear relationships between strengths in tension and compression and the zinc-iron contents of the rocks.
Keywords: Rock mechanics, Sulphide ores, Copper ores. Zinc ores, Deformation, Loading, Mine pillars, Geco Division, Strength testing, Tensile strength, Statistics, Linear regression.