Statistical Models for Porphyry-Copper-Molybdenum Deposits of the Cordilleran Belt of North and South America

CIM Bulletin, 1973

J. DE GEOFFROY, Consultant, Geostatistics and Mining Exploration. Vancouver, B.C., T. K. WIGNALL. Professor, Department of Mathematics, Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology, Sudbury, Ontario

Statistical models are fitted to the observed distributions of eighteen characteristics of the population of commercial porphyry deposits of North and South America. The statistical base required for the formulation of the statistical models includes 58 commercial porphyry-copper-molybdenum deposits of the Cordilleran Belt from which geological, geometric and economic data were collected. Predictive and composite models are derived from ~he statistical study to assist exploration planning,, engineering studies and fmanc1al analyses as required for the development of new porphyry deposits in the Cordilleran Belt.
Keywords: Arizona, British Columbia Dept. of Mines, molybdenum, porphyry, South American Cordillera, copper, Deposits, Distribution, Model, Models, Porphyry deposit, Porphyry deposits, Value