Start up, Commissioning and Optimization of the Gravity Circuit at Atlantic Gold's Moose River Project in Eastern Canada


Alex Frey, Sepro Mineral Systems Corp.; Craig Hudson, Atlantic Gold Corporation; Daniel Tremblay, Atlantic Gold Corporation

A discussion of the design, challenges and successes associated with the commissioning of the gravity recovery circuit at Canada’s newest open pit gold mine - Atlantic Gold’s Moose River Consolidated Project in Nova Scotia, Canada is presented. An overview of the project, its historical significance and overall flowsheet is provided with special focus given to the design and selection of the gravity circuit equipment including the scalping screen, gravity concentrators and the novel intensive leaching technology selected for the project.  The performance of the gravity circuit is benchmarked against the feasibility study process design specifications and the outcomes are discussed. Challenges encountered during commissioning are also presented, including the use of third-party automation and the effects of screen sizing on overall gravity circuit performance. Mechanical modifications made to the Sepro Leach Reactor for the Moose River project are also discussed. A detailed technical review of the mechanical and operational aspects of the Sepro Leach Reactor is provided with key operational data on leach times, recoveries, reagent usage, solid-liquid separation, pregnant solution quality and its influence on bullion purity.
Keywords: Atlantic Gold, Gold, Gravity Concentration, Intensive Leach Reactor, Commissioning