Stability of Rock Slopes at Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1961


Slope problems arise on mining properties from cuts for roads and railroads and from open pits. When it is 'realized that 1,000,000 extra tons of waste may have to be mined as a result of an average slope being reduced by 1 ° it is easy to appreciate that the slope problems connected with open pits are of far greater importance than the. others. The type of slope failure that can occur can be classified in different ways. The most useful classification would be one that separates the causes in such a way as to provide a basis for studies to deal with problems of prevention and control. Using this criterion the types of slope failures are classified into four groups. Having classified the problems in this way an understanding can be gained of the various mechanisms involved in failure .. It is then. possible to examine in detail methods for preventing or controlling slope instability. Both analytical and practical aspects are presented with some description of procedures that can be followed. It is suggested that much can be done to handle slope problems rationally; however, it is also pointed out that the present state of knowledge leaves some large areas still to be dealt with by judgement. The elements of slope analysis where our ignorance is most critical are described. The lines of research that should be conducted to strengthen this field are then established. The research work that is required seems not to be particularly formidable and within a reasonable time could lead to better control and more economic operation of open pits.
Keywords: angle of repose, Rock Slopes, shear strength, shear stress, slope failure, Failure, failures, Materials, Rock, Rocks, Shears, Slopes, Water, Waters