Spectrographic Assay for Gold and the Platinum Metals

CIM Bulletin, 1945


A spectrographic method for the determination of small amounts of gold and the platinum metals in ores has been developed. By means of this method, an assay of 0.001 ounce per ton on one assay ton samples is possible, and by spectrographic adjustments the sensitivity may be increased to 0.0001 ounce per ton. All the prec10us metals may be determined from one spectrographic arcing with an accuracy of about 5 per cent average deviation from absolute values, and the complete analysis of an ore or similar product may be reported five or six hours after receipt of sample.
Keywords: Assays, Circuit, Circuits, densitometer, silver line, spectral line, Standard Dore Beads Standard, Upper Electrode, Electrodes, Gold, metals, Silver, Standards