Sources of Sulphur in Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1952


SULPHUR is a constituent 1Jf many industrial products. It is part of almost anything we eat, wear, or use. In fact, sulphur is 30 important that there has been an increasing tendency in recent years to measure industrial growth in terms of sulphur consumption. The uncertainty of obtaining adequate supplies of elemental sulphur from the Frasch-mined domes . of Texas and Louisiana in the United States leading countries in 1950 to seek alternative sources of supply of this necessary element. Canadian industry has been supplied, for many years, with most of its sulphur requirements by United States Frasch-mined sulphur. World demand for this sulphur has necessitated the imposition of controls on its distribution, as production has not kept pace with demand. Until the third quarter of 1950, Canadian manufacturers of pulp and paper, heavy chemicals, explosives, and experienced little difficultv in obtaining their needs of elemental sulphur from the United States. However, at that time, low producers' stocks and declining reserves thre1tened to reduce shipments from producers, with the prospect of a continuing shortage for some time. These conditions, together with higher prices, stimulated the search for alternative sources of supply in Canada.
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