Some Recent Trends In Canadian Mineral Processing

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 776, 1976

E. G. Joe, Senior Industrial Research Officer, Ore Processing Laboratory, Industrial Liaison Section, Mineral Sciences Laboratories, Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa

Recent trends in Canadian mineral processing were reported in seven areas of interest covered by seventeen technical papers at the 1976 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mineral Processors, held at Energy, Mines and Resources' Camsell Hall, Ottawa. New milling equipment included the Enviro-Clear thickener, large-volume Outokumpu flotation machines and abrasion-resistant polyurethane screens. Grinding experiences from a variety of milling operations were reported. Opportunities for increased sizing and grinding efficiency were presented. Flotation control by digital computer and by chemical additions were described in two mill operations. Slurry pumping and sampling techniques were described for various operations. Environmental, control in milling was reported concerning dust suppression, arsenic removal and tailings disposal. Several aspects of gold milling were described by the most recently commissioned gold mine and by CANMET. Potash operations were reported showing the similarity of processing and process control to that of metallic minerals.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Metallurgy, Flotation, Thickeners, Screening, Polyurethane, Grinding, Process control, Slurry pumping, Environmental control, Tailings disposal, Gold milling, Potash.