Some Reasons for Selectivity in Copper Activation of Minerals

CIM Bulletin, 1961

IN FLOTATION, copper sulphate is used universally for the activation of sphalerite and marmatite and, to some extent, for the activation of other minerals. The copper activated surface readily adsorbs standard collectors such as the xanthates and dialkyl dithiophosphates whereas untreated zir sulphide does not. With the host of reagents available, making a mineral float is seldom difficult. The problem is to achieve selective flotation. ln zinc flotation, the great value of copper sulphate results from its ability to activate zinc sulphide preferentially to gangue minerals.
Keywords: copper, copper sulphate, Fe s Cu Pb ------------Pyrrhotite ., marmatite, The pH, flotation, Iron, Oxygen, pH, pyrrhotite, test, Tests