Some Observations on Explosive Metallurgy

CIM Bulletin, 1964

H.P. Tardif Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment, Valcartier, Que.

This paper briefly describes some of the phenomena encountered when materials are submitted to extremely high pressures, such as those produced by the detonation of an explosive charge placed in contact with the material. It was found that extensive changes take place in the microstructure of iron and steel. Diffusion-controlled processes, such as the transformation of lamellar pearlite, the recrystallization and grain growth of ferrite, and the homogenization of the pearlite-ferrite structure, can take place within micro- or milli-seconds. Mechanical twins can propagate without deviation from ferrite to pearlite, thus indicating a proeutectoid ferrite-pearlite-ferrite orientation relationship. The propagation and interaction of intense stress waves in materials was demonstrated with the use of Armco iron. Finally, a comparison is made of the damage produced in metals by the formation of craters made by explosive shock and by hypervelocity impact
Keywords: contact explosive, etching, ferrite, pearlite, tensile stress, Explosives, Impact, Impacts, metals, Pressure, steel, Steels, waves