Some Metallurgical Aspects of the Blade Fatigue Problem in Aircraft Gas Turbines

CIM Bulletin, 1958


Possibly the most complex fatigue problem associated with the development of the axial-flow 'gas turbine is discussed in its broader aspects from the metallurgical viewpoint. Reference is made to nodal patterns, interference diagrams, etc. The use of such data in analysis of a turbine :blade failure is illustrated. Special attention is given to the influence of some metallurgical variables affecting fatigue strength and, in particular, heat treatment is shown to have a pronounced effect on .the relative fatigue and creep strength properties of a nickel chromium- cobalt base alloy suitable for turbine blade applications.
Keywords: Alloys, Engines, Failure, failures, Fatigue, fatigue strength, gas turbine, natural frequency, turbine blade, Strength, stress, Temperature, Turbines