Some Legal and Engineering Problems Concerning Unitization of Oil and Gas Producing Properties

CIM Bulletin, 1960


In the formation of Oil and Gas Producing Units lawyer& and engineers are interdependent members of the same team. Management is, therefore, entitled to expect no less than a total cooperative effort from the members of these professions. The petroleum and natural gas lawyer must diligently inform himself on the implications of engineering evidence. Otherwise he can be of little assistance to his engineering witness in a thorough, systematic and convincing presentation of his technical evidence. Conversely, the engineer must appreciate the concern of counsel that quasi-judical hearings, whether technical or otherwise, be conducted in such a manner as to preserve some semblance of organized judicial procedures in the adjudication of property rights.
Keywords: acre, cash flow, reservoir, Saskatchewan, unit operations, Conservation, Cost, Costs, Investment, Investments, Oil, Oils, Operation, Production, Productivity