Some Geological Aspects of the Sydney Coalfield with Reference to their Influence on Mining Operations

CIM Bulletin, 1951


N UMEROUS examples of troubled zones, interfering with the normal development of coal seams, have been cited in the literature. From a geological point of view they can be subdivided into structural and sedimentary troubles. Of the latter type, wash-outs are usually the most bothersome. Some years ago, A. A. Thiadens and the author arrived at the conclusion that they represent fossil river-beds. A method of predicting the course of these rivers was developed, which has been successfully applied in' the Netherlands coal measures, and more recently by P. Stassen in some of the Belgian coalfields and by the author in the Sydney coalfield.
Keywords: Coal, Coal seams, coal, colliery, Sydney Harbour, synclinal, thrust faults, Deposition, Harbour Seam, Mines, sediments, Shale, Shales, Sydney coalfield