Some Geological Aspects of the Mindamar Mine, Stirling, Richmond County, N. S.

CIM Bulletin, 1953


The mineral deposit of Mindamar Metals Corporation occurs in a northeasterly striking shear zone that is ,sub-parallel to several major faults. The shear is parallel to a steeply to vertically dipping series of acidic volcanics. Rhyoliite tuff in the shear is replaced by carbonate and quartz which form at least two large lenticular bodies. Within the .carbonate bodies, the ore shoots, Which range from 7 to 20 per cent combined zinc, lead, and copper, lie along several steep veins.
Keywords: diorite, ore, rhyolite, shear zone, tuff, Fault, Faults, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores, Shear, Shears