Some collected notes on the use, material and design of suspension gear

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 899, 1987

E.A. DAVIES, Reliance/Barker Davies Ltd. Cardiff, Wales, and TREVORT. JONES, Technical Director, Reliance Rope Attachments Co. Ltd., Cardiff, Wales

Aspects of materials, design and operation of suspension equipment is dealt with, hazard, fatigue and special metallurgical properties of certain steels to resist are described, as is the effect of temperature in service modifying the properties of some steels to resist stress concentration and propagation of cracks. The influence of steady impact and fatigue loading and its results are described. Control of manufacture including nondestructive testing is outlined and acceptance parameters and strength calculations are given. Quality requirements and control in manufacture are outlined. A short description of the overwind detaching hook, together with illustrations of the operation of detachment are presented.
Keywords: Equipment, Maintenance, Suspension gears, Fatigue loading, Mechanical strength, Non-destructive testing, Quality control, Heat treatment.