Some Aspects of the Turam Electromagnetic Method

CIM Bulletin, 1966

Robbert A. Bosschart and Harold O. Seigel Harald 0. Seigel & Associates, Geophysical Contractors and Consultants, Downsview, Ontario

Most electromagnetic methods presently used in mining exploration are of the moving source type; i.e., the primary field source is moved simultaneously and in a fixed configuration with the receiver. Of the fixed-source methods, which employ a stationary primary field and a moving receiver, the Turam method is the most effective and has marked advantages over alternative electromagnetic methods. The results are little affected by topographic relief, and a high degree of resolution can be obtained because of the constant relation between source field and investigation area.
Keywords: Change, Compensation, Compensation methods, conductor, field strength, ohm, overburden, Electromagnetic methods, Frequency, Overburden, Phase, Separation, Strength, Systems, Turam method