Soil Geochemistry in the Canadian Shield

CIM Bulletin, 1971

F. D. FO RGERON, Consultant, Bondar-Clegg & Co., Ottawa, Ont

ONE OF THE FIRST DOCUMENTED APPLICATIONS of soil geochemistry in the Canadian Shield was that carried out by Chisholm in the Kenora district in 1949. This survey proved successful in outlining sulphide-associated gold veins utilizing cold-extractable metals. Since then, mining companies, government agencies - both provincial and federal - and universities have conducted soil investigations. Some of the results are documented in publications, others are on open file in provincial and federal mines departments and, unfortunately, many other investigations with both successful and unsuccessful results are buried in company files or have been discarded.
Keywords: Canadian Shield, Canadian Shield, clay belt, geochemical, overburden, Quebec, Clay, Clays, Deposits, Overburden, Soil, Soils, Survey, Surveys