Sohio's L-Bar Uranium Mill

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 792, 1978

M. H. Pettibone, Senior Metallurgical Engineer, and W. W. Cody, Chief Construction Engineer, Fluor Mining & Metals, Inc., San Mateo, California

Sohio Petroleum Company's new L-Bar uranium mill near Grants, New Mexico, refines 2722 kilograms of yellowcake daily from 1360 metric tons of ore produced at Sohio's J.J. No. 1 mine and other nearby mines. This paper follows the ore from the mine through the various processing steps — semi-autogenous grinding, acid leaching, countercurrent decantation, solvent extraction, ammonium diuranate precipitation, washing and drying, and tailings disposal.
Keywords: Metallurgy, Uranium mills, L-Bar uranium mill, Grinding, Leaching, Decantation, Solvent extraction, Precipitation, Tailings disposal, Coatings, Linings.