Slope Stability at Lac Jeannine

CIM Bulletin, 1968

J. M. REJEAN GAGNON, Chief Mining Engineer, Quebec Cartier Mining Company

Quebec Cartier Mining Company is currently mining a low-grade iron ore deposit in northeastern Quebec. The Company is producing some 8,000,000 dry gross tons of concentrates per year, grading about 66 per cent iron. The pit, which is located on the keel or hinge line of a fold, will eventually be about 1,000 feet deep with a surface area of 8,000 by 2,600 feet. The most significant structural discontinuities in the mine are the natural bedding planes and secondary perpendicular joints. The exposed walls are subjected to a sub-Arctic climate and heavy blasting occurs approximately six times a month. QCM utilizes design and operating techniques to control rock fall. Steps are also being taken to analyze the ultimate over-all pit slope stability
Keywords: angle of repose, drilling and blasting, iron ore, Quebec, slope stability, blasting, Mine, Mines, mining, Pits, Rock, Rocks, Slopes