Slim-Hole Drilling Cynthia Area, and Completion Practices, Pembina Field, Alberta

CIM Bulletin, 1958

Slim-hole drilling and completion techniques were first used in the Cynthia area of the Pembina field, Alberta, by the Texaco .Exploration Company in the summer of 1957. Prior to that time, eighty-eight wells had been drilled and completed in this area in a conventional manner. Subsequent to the initial four-well evaluation programme, twenty-one additional wells have been drilled using slim-hole techniques. No difficulty was encountered in the drilling and completion of slim-hole wells, or in obtaining production from them. A comparison of drilling and completion economics and .practices has been made for slim-hole and conventionally completed wells. Penetration rates for both bit sizes ( 614 in. and 9 in.) were relative! y equal. The shorter life of the sma! ;tits required the use of 15 per cent more bits per well, .but the total trip time to change bits was similar for both hole sizes because of the higher hoisting speeds possible w:th the lighter drilling strings used in the slim holes and better hole conditions. Completion costs of the slim holes were reduced by 37 per cent as compared to the costs of conventional type completions. This was made possible through the use of smaller well equipment, the elimination of tubing, and a reduction in rig time for completion operations
Keywords: Bits, Cost, Costs, drill pipe, Drilling Rigs Similar, Pembina, production tubing, wells, Drilling, Equipment, Penetration rate, Penetration rates, Production, Tubing, Wells