Slim-Hole Drilling and 2 1/2.-lnch Casing, Tubingless Completions

CIM Bulletin, 1958

In this paper, Imperial oil Limited reports briefly on the drilling by contract rigs of twenty-nine slim holes in the Virden, Smiley, and Souris Valley areas. The investigations showed that slim hole penetration rates, as a result of careful control of drilling variables, can approach those achieved with 7% -inch bits. It is concluded that slim-hole drilling is acceptable for development or exploratory work Imperial also reports on the completion techniques and equipment that have been developed on twenty-seven tubingless 2l!z-inch casing completions. Indications are that the method is economically desirable where excessive gas or" water production is not anticipated.
Keywords: Bits, drill pipe, Florence area, Imperial Oil, Imperial Oil Limited, Saskatchewan, Drilling, Oil, Oils, Penetration rate, Penetration rates, Production, Pump, Pumps, Wells