Slag loss control with Bessemer mattes

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 97, No. 1076, 2004

P. Toscano, T.A. Utigard

The objective of this investigation was to determine how the losses of nickel, copper and cobalt in fayalite slags could be controlled for nickel mattes with iron contents below 5 wt%. Laboratory-converting and slag-cleaning experiments were carried out at 1250°C. Several variables were investigated during and after converting to help minimize the amount of nickel and cobalt that reports to the slag. The variables used were oxygen concentration in the blast, coke breeze addition and nitrogen injection stirring. In all the experiments, slag and matte co-existed. Coke additions during converting have little effect on the losses of nickel, copper and cobalt. In fact, coke additions retard the converting process by consuming some of the oxygen injected. On the other hand, coke additions and nitrogen injection applied after converting was completed resulted in decreased slag losses.
Keywords: Bessemer mattes, Slags, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt