Sizing and Type of Fuel Produced by Mechanical Mining at the Four Star Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1964

J.C. Marsh Mining Engineer, Bras d'Or Coal Co., Ltd., Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia

Because of the introduction of continuous mechanical mining equipment at the Four Star mine in U}56, a study of the effect of mechanical mining on the size distribution and quality of the product was inaugurated. In that year. the effect of the use of a ripper-type miner operating on the pitch of the seam was investigated. During the following year, a similar test was conducted using an auger-type miner operating in a room on the level. Subsequent testing has since been carried out. The Tracy seam at Four Star is 72 inches high, with a 6-in. clay band situated 18 inches from the bottom. Mining the top 44-inch portion above the clay band produced a fair product, but production was limited. Extraction of the full 72-inch seam resulted in an increase in production, but gave a lower quality product. Study and consideration was given to both methods of mining - part seam without washing, and full seam with washing and drying. All factors were evaluated. Later, experiments were carried out to determine the effect of various bit settings on the product sizes produced by these machines.
Keywords: Canadian Mining, miner, Ripper Coal versus Auger Coal, Ripper-T, Coal, Continuous miners, Mine, Mines, mining, Screens, test, Tests