Six-rope friction hoist at Les Mines Seleine Inc., Madeleine Islands, Quebec

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 849, 1983

BORJE J.G. FREDRIKSSON, General Manager, Industrial Division, ASEA Inc., LIONEL ROBERGE, Chief Electrician, SOQUEM

Late in 1981, a six-rope friction hoist was installed in the Number 2 shaft at Les Mines Seleine Inc. on the Madeleine Islands in Quebec. This paper deals with the reasoning behind the selection of hoisting equipment from the economical point of view, safety point of view, future needs point of view, etc. After establishing the basic parameters for the hoisting system, features of the most common types of hoists (i.e. single-drum hoist, double-drum hoist, Koepe hoist) are briefly laid out. The reasons for selecting a friction (Koepe) hoist are summarized. However, why go for a six-rope hoist rather than the (in North America) more common four-rope hoist? As the subject hoist is the first six-rope hoist in Canada, this question is studied in more detail, covering initial cost, maintenance cost, etc., as well as practical aspects, such as safety, physical dimensions, etc. In summary, experiences from other multi-rope hoist installations world-wide are presented.
Keywords: Underground mining, Hoisting, Friction hoists, Drum hoists, Mines Seleine, Salt mines, Ropes, Headframes.