Sinking and equipping the Kidd Creek No. 2 Shaft

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 826, 1981

D.L McKAY, Superintendent, No. 2 Mine, Texasgulf Canada Ltd., Timmins, Ontario

Texasgulf's 25-foot-diameter Kidd Creek No. 2 Shaft is situated next to the company's No. 1 Shaft, so that both shafts can share common surface and underground facilities. Shaft construction, covering a span of five years from collaring to commissioning, started by freezing the 50 feet of grey varved clay covering the bedrock. After first completing the concrete headframe, sinking to the 5100-foot horizon utilized two different shaft construction methods. The top 2800 feet was excavated by slashing a 6-foot-diameter borehole and hoisting the broken material up the 3000-foot-deep No. 1 Shaft; the remaining 2300 feet was excavated by conventional benching methods. Prior to installing the 5100 tons of galvanized shaft steel on the completion of the sinking operation, the sinker was able to install all thirteen armoured electrical cables in one pass with his modified galloway stage. All loading and lip pockets were installed along with the steel guides and bun tons during the equipping operation.
Keywords: Texasgulf, Kidd Creek Mine, Shaft sinking, Raises, Drilling, Blasting, Concreting, Ground support. Cables, Manpower.