Silver in Canada in International Perspective

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 786, 1977

J. G. George, Nonferrous Section, Minerals and Metals Division, Mineral Development Sector, EMR, Ottawa

A brief review of the silver industry is presented to set the stage for the analysis of the distribution of silver production by source from various types of mines in Canada and of the changing relationship between the total output of silver and the total output of base metals. The decline in the average grade of the Canadian mines is also discussed and a trend for the future is proposed. The report then examines in broader aspects the world 'primary silver production and concludes, in the section on outlook, that the effective supply in primary silver will grow at a rate significantly lower than the growth rate expected for base metals. A cumulative deficit of some 900 •million ounces is projected for the period 1975-1980 and a further deficit of some 1,100 million ounces if projected for the 1980-to-1985 period.
Keywords: Silver, Economic notes, Production, Consumption, Trade, Marketing, Mineral economics.