Silencing of Hand-held Percussive Rock Drills for Underground Operations

CIM Bulletin, 1970

B. H. WEBER, Vice-President, Sales, Atlas Copco Canada Limited, Dorval, Quebec

Industry generally has become noise-conscious and is realizing that damage to the human ear is expected to become more costly than any other compensation. Noise control has been recognized as a necessity and, fifteen years ago, in co-operation among different countries, international organizations were set up to co-ordinate measures against dangerous noise and the development of silencing devices began. Rock drills for underground operations were particularly scrutinized because of the explosive nature of the noise developing from air escaping from exhaust. This paper describes the results and the present stage of development in the reduction and control of noise on rock drills, with special application to their use in mines.
Keywords: Air, Atlas Copco, dB, noise control, rock drill, sound pressure level, Damage, Exhausts, Frequency, Noise, Plugs, Pressure, Reduction, Rock drills, sound