Significant Aspects of the Alberta Sulphur Industry

CIM Bulletin, 1963


The attention of the world is being focused on the spectacular rise of elemental sulphur production in Alberta. In the short space of a decade, production has increased from less than 10,000 long tons, in 1952, to almost 1,000,000 long tons in 1962. Moreover, 1963 sulphur production is expected to rise by 50 per cent to approximately 1,500,000 long tons, and further increases are forecast for ensuing years. The reason for this dramatic increase in elemental sulphur production, particularly in the last year or two, is that Alberta elemental sulphur is recovered in association with the production of sour natural gas. When very large volumes of natural gas began moving to U.S. markets in the latter part of 1961, the resultant increase in sour gas production led to a marked increase in the production of sulphur.
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