Shovels and draglines in Western Canada and factors affecting hoist-rope service

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 805, 1979

R. G. HAMM, Mining Sales Coordinator, Western Region, Wire Rope Industries Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

A brief outline covering the shovels and draglines in use in the open-pit mines of Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon, is given, followed by the procedure for the selection of the correct wire rope for each application. Such factors as wire rope constructions, lay directions and types of cores are mentioned. Once the correct wire rope has been selected, there are various factors that can affect the service life of the rope and the reduction of down-time during rope change-overs. Factors such as hairpin winding, types of Becket loops, and shovel drum and bail adaptors are described.
Keywords: Open-pit equipment, Shovels, Draglines, Western Canada, Hoist ropes, Wire ropes. Rope lay, Becket loops, Drum adaptors.