Shaft Sinking Through Blairmore Sands and Paleozoic Water-Bearing Limestones

CIM Bulletin, 1963


In 1943, potash mineralization was recognized at a depth of over 7,000 feet in an oil-well hole (Xorcanol's RadYille No. l well) drilled near tl1e town of Radville, Saskatchewan. Although, at this depth, •potash is not considered mineable by convention al underground mining methods, this discovery shed the first light on the potash deposits of Saskatchewan in much the same manner as oil-well drilling was responsible for the first discovery of potash in the Carlsbad Basin of New Mexico in l 925.
Keywords: Blairmore, calcium chloride, Continental Potash Corporation, glacial till, limestone, brine, Concrete, formation, Freezing, limestone, Lining, Linings, Pipe, potash, Shafts