Shaft collar in deep overburden — Aur Resources Inc., Louvicourt project

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 87, No. 978, 1994

G.S. Martin, J.S. Redpath Limited, North Bay, Ontario, and R.C. Bryce, Aur Resources Inc., Val d'Or, Quebec

Aur Resources Inc. is the operator of the Louvicourt Mine located 40 km east of Val d'Or, Quebec. Les Entreprises Minieres Redpath Limitee, a member of the J.S. Redpath Group of companies, was contracted to construct two vertical mine shaft collars in deep overburden. During the spring of 1991 two vertical shaft collars were established in wet, running sand that was in excess of 20 m deep. This paper will illustrate the engineering and construction techniques used in establishing these collars and the methods used to overcome the various obstacles that occurred during construction.
Keywords: Underground mining, Equipment, Louvicourt mine, Shaft collars, Mine construction.