Shaft Boring with Oil Weil Drilling Equipment at Lynn Lake

CIM Bulletin, 1966

Peter A. Cain Manager, Mining and Milling Division John C. Folinsbee Mine Superintendent Sherritt Gardon Mines Ltd., Lynn Lake, Manit

A 4-ft.-diameter shaft has been drilled to a depth of 2,790 ft. in strong, hard, basic Precambrian rocks at Ly!'n Lake Manitoba. This was done on the property of Sherntt Gord~n Mines Limited for the purpose of ventilating and developing the "N" orebody, which is located approximately 4,000 ft. south of the Farley shaft. . . The drilling was done under contract by two drdhng companies. Peter Bawden Drilling (1964) Limited drilled the initial 12:1,4-in. pilot hole to a depth of 3,000 ft. Shaft Drillers Limited of Canada then reamed the hole to 4 ft. in diameter to a depth of 2,790 ft. At this point, the reaming was stopped because of the difficulty in passing a change in direction in the line of the pilot hole. The hole was completed by driving a raise 200 ft. from the 3000 level to the bottom of the 4-ft. hole using an Alimak raise climber. Cuttings from the reaming operation were directed into the 12:1,4-in. pilot hole, where they feil to the 3000 level and were removed by a mucking machine and standard mine development cars. The elapsed time from the start of the pilot hole to the completion of the reaming operation was ten months, with an average advance of 279ft. per month. There was a twomonth delay between the completion of the pilot hole and the start of the reaming operation. The 12:1,4-in. hole was drilled in an elapsed time of 45 days from the time of setting up the rig. The average advance per day was 66.8 ft. . The reaming operation was done in an elapsed time of 194 days. A one-month delay required to repair damaged equipment left 163 days for the drilling and setting-up operation, for an advance per day of 17.1 ft
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