Separation Studies of Iron Ore Bodies Containing Apatite by Spherical Agglomeration Methods

CIM Bulletin, 1968

A. F. SIRIANNI, R. D. COLEMAN, E. C. GOODHUE and I. E. PUDDINGTON Division of Applied Chemistry, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ont.

Iron ore samples containing apatite are fractionated to acceptable products by spherical agglomeration methods. The phosphorus is upgraded by a factor of 10 at an elevated pH. Highgrade iron products are obtained in good yields from the tailings in a second step of the operation. The grade of the phosphorus separated appears to reach a maximum at about pH = 10; recovery of iron decreases below about pH = 4. Both the recovery and grade of iron are found to be reduced sharply above about pH = 8.
Keywords: Acid, Concentrate, Concentrates, fatty, National Research Council of Canada., Phosphorus, Spherical agglomeration, Wabana, Grade, Iron, Ore, Ores, pH, Phosphorus