Separation Minerais Wet Magnetic of lndustrial

CIM Bulletin, 1964

W. J. D. Stone  Director of Research,  Quebec Smelting and Refining Limited 

Two major problems in the beneficiation of industrial minerais involve the removal of iron-bearing minerais and the treatment of fine particle sizes. Most iron-bearing minerais are magnetic, but the use of magnetic separators has been Iimited by the lack of a wet, high-intensity machine. The Jones Wet Magnetic Separator makes possible the treatment of feebly magnetic minerais and, because of its unique washing action, sharp separations are possible in the small particle sizes down to less than 1 micron. Commercial sizes of this separator are now in use. It is anticipated t hat it will have many applications in industrial mineral beneficiation.
Keywords: Capacity, Garnet Silicates, iron, magnetic separation, magnetic susceptibility, magnetite, industrial, Iron, Magnetic separation, Materials, Removal, Separation, separator, silicate, Silicates