Selective desliming of sedimentary phosphate ores

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 895, 1986

A. CORREA de ARAUJO, G.W. POLING, Department of Mining and Mineral Process Engineering, The University of British Columbia,Vancouver, British Columbia, and E.M. COELHO Department of Mining Engineering, U.F.M.G., Minas Gerais, Brazil

Sedimentary phosphate ores make up approximately 87% of the world's known reserves and are generally more difficult to beneficiate than igneous ores. In almost all cases, desliming prior to flotation represents the major source of losses. Laboratory studies of selective desliming of sedimentary ores are presented. Some fundamental studies with pure mineral systems are also discussed. Selective desliming, especially using selective flocculation, gave the best performance. Possible industrial applications of this selective flocculation-flotation procedure are discussed.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Desliming, Phosphate ores, Sedimentary ores, Flocculation, Flotation, Beneficiation.