Selection of large diameter wire rope for use on surface mining excavators

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 855, 1983

RONALD G. HAMM Manager, Mining Division, Western Region Wire Rope Industries Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

With the advent in Canada of large open-pit equipment, the associated wire rope required must keep pace, especially in design and construction, along with the field that leads to increased rope life. This paper will first describe the various types of shovels and draglines in use today and also the unique characteristics of the wire rope required to efficiently service this equipment. Emphasis will be placed on the special equipment and techniques required in the wire rope manufacturing, along with the maintenance procedures required for a profitable operation.
Keywords: Open-Pit mining, Shovels, Draglines, Hoist ropes, Drag ropes, Installation, Maintenance, Inspection, Excavators.