Seaboard Power Plant - Present Operation anti Future Development

CIM Bulletin, 1966

W. A. MacDonald Seaboard Power Corporation, Sydney, N.S. C. M. McGibbon Chief Mechanical Engineer, Nova Scotia Power Commission, Halifax, N.S. J. H. Reynolds Project Co-ordinator, Montreal Engineering Company Ltd., Montreal, Que

This paper traces the development of the Seaboard Power Plant, which plays such an important role in the industrial life of Nova Scotia. It also shows the involvement of the plant in the siting of a heavy water production facility in Cape Breton. The paper concludes with an outline of the new installations which the Nova Scotia Power Commission has undertaken as an extension to the Seaboard Plant.
Keywords: Boilers, Coal, Heavy water, heavy water, kilowatt-hour, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Power, Seaboard Power Plant Construction, Nova Scotia, Operation, Plants, Power, power plant, Steam, Turbines