Scientific Prospecting- Achievements and Possibilities

CIM Bulletin, 1964

C. J. Sullivan Kennco Explorations (Canada) Ltd., 25 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

1. Scientific pros pecting has had a profound and somewhat unexpected effect on the world's supply of raw materials over the past twenty years. Where shortages were recently anticipated, abundance now prevails. It seems probable that, for t he foreseeable future, adequate metallic resources will be found at costs well within t he world's economic means. 2. The amount of research devoted to scientific prospecting has been extremely small in relation to the pos. sible importance of t he problem and to what could be done. It has been dominated by the thought of a dozen brilliant men, and true research expenditures have not amounted to more than a few million dollars. 3. An undue proportion of the expenditures have been for so-called geological research - mostly of a petrologfoal character. The results have essentially been of historic interest only. However, there has been some increase in genetic understanding, and this is of great importance for future resources. 4. Basic advances in mineral exploration have been made in detection techniques, generally called geophysics and geochemistry
Keywords: exploration, Geiger counters, geochemistry, geophysics, prospecting, Western Canada, geochemistry, Geophysics, metals, Prospecting, Research, Resources