Scheduling Production by the Critical Path Method at Mclntyre

CIM Bulletin, 1967

P. O. Parfitt Chief Mine Engineer, Mclntyre Porcupine Mines, Ltd., Schumocher, Ont

At the Mclntyre mine, there are two distinct operations: a gold mine with narrow veins, mined by cut-and-fill methods, and a copper mine with large, open, long-hole stopes. The application of the Critical Path Method to scheduling work in the copper mine, where it has been used successfully for several years, is described briefly. This application is relatively simple. Use of C.P.M. has now been extended to the gold mine. To replace the former method of scheduling from bar-charts, a procedure was developed for scheduling automatically. To handle an operation of this size and complexity, a computer was essential. Improved schedules are now being produced, with a saving in time.