Scale Model Study of Time Domain Electromagnetic Response of Tabular Conductors

CIM Bulletin, 1972


A scale model was designed to simulate the airborne Barringer INPUT time domain electromagnetic system. The amplitude of the response to a vertical conductive dyke varies considerably with the conductor's thicknessconductivity product (TCP). The response increases from a minimum detectable level at a TCP of about 2 mhos, rises to its maximum value at a dyke TCP of 15 mhos and then falls again so that conductors with a TCP exceeding 500 mhos would probably remain undetected. Measurements made with both standard receiver coil configurations (maximum or minimum coupled) indicate comparable effectiveness for both systems, either from the viewpoint of vertical conductor detection or from the viewpoint of discrimination against overburden anomalies.
Keywords: Conductivity, conductor, dykes, Geological Survey of Canada, scale model, TCP, Data, Decay, Dykes, Geophysics, Model, Models, Survey, Surveys, Systems