Saskatchewan's coal future

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 846, 1982

T. ADAMCEWICZ, Director, Coal Supply, Saskatchewan Power Corporation, Regina, Saskatchewan

The province's lignite resources lie mainly in the south, extensions of the much larger deposits in Montana and North Dakota. Because of planned additional capacity, conventional steam power generation will probably remain as the dominant resource usage for many decades. Conversion of coal to other energy forms is receiving emphasis and in the future will compete with steam power generation in terms of quantities used.Economic deposits, minable by present-day technology, have been generally defined. Because a large percentage of the total lignite resource is in seams containing multiple partings, future extraction will become much more difficult and capital intensive.Increased public involvement will ensure that the impacts of future coal mining and usage operations are compatible with environmental and social objectives.
Keywords: Coal, Saskatchewan, Lignite, Power generation, Energy, Reclamation, Environment, Synfuels.