Safety and Mine Rescue Training in the Northwest Territories

CIM Bulletin, 1952


THE Northwest Territories comprise all that region -of Canada lying between Yukon Territory and Hudson bay and north of the 60th parallel of latitude. For purposes of mine .administration the Territories are divided into three districts: Yellowknife, McKenzie, and Arctic and Hudson Bay. Mining recording offices for the respective districts are maintained at Yellowknife, Fort Smith, and Ottawa. The mine inspection for the entire area, and also for Yukon Territory, comes under !the Federal Department of Resources and Development. Two mining inspectors are responsible for these inspections: the Chief Inspector of Mines, with headquarters in Ottawa, who makes trips into the north at least twice a year, and a Resident Inspector, stationed in Yellowknife.
Keywords: Developments, Gold mines, Indigo Consolidated Gold Mines, mine rescue, Northwest Territories, Yellowknife River, Yukon Territory, Limited, Mine, Mines, mining, Safety, Training