Routine Dust Measurements and Standards

CIM Bulletin, 1972

T. S. COCHRANE, Manager, Mining Research Centre, Mines Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Canada

A growing public awareness of work-related diseases such as pneumoconiosis and the impact of this awareness on legislative bodies and on the skilled labour market are reasons why the Canadian mining industry must consider dust control of top-drawer importance. Measurements and standards related to the hazard are necessary to control a dust situation and to avoid excessive risk. The author discusses some of the methods of measurement, standards proposed and terminology used in this developing technology. The purpose primarily is to give a better understanding of the basic advances achieved by those who have applied current knowledge with a measure of success.
Keywords: American Industrial Hygiene Association, microns, Pneumoconiosis, precipitator, samplers, Dust, Mine, mineral, minerals, Mines, Sampling, Standards