Rotating equipment reliability for surface operation. Part I: Vibration analysis for rotating equipment

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 95, No. 1065, 2002

G. Nollet, Proaxion Technologies, Kirkland, Quebec D. Prince, Louvicourt Mine, Val d’Or, Quebec

Since 1994, Aur Ressources has operated Louvicourt mine, a zinc and copper mine close to Val d’Or, at a rate of 4300 t/d. Ever since the start-up of the plant, management has encouraged innovative approaches in reliability. The first of three papers will discuss the vibration monitoring program in place. The program will be described and two examples will be given: detection of a rolling bearing defect on a pinion driving the ball mill and identification of wear on the bearings of the flotation cells. Figures on the return on investment and the costs of a monitoring program will also be given. The second article will discuss the lubrication aspect. Since the establishment of a good monitoring and oil analyses, Louvicourt mine decreased its oil consumption by more than 38 000 L/yr. In addition, the company set up an oil regeneration system that restores the original properties of oil. The third article will cover the management aspect. Work organization as well as the management philosophy enabling the employes to push predictive technology to higher levels will be examined in detail. The key elements which made it possible for Louvicourt mine to position itself among world-class companies in the organization of maintenance will be discussed.
Keywords: Surface operations, Vibration analysis, Vibration measurement, Rotating equipment, Maintenance costs.